Marama Dina: True Lady

This photo shoot was planned in Sydney with my beautiful and talented friend Vuki Watters who also did the amazing makeup for this shoot. I wanted to do something different, something that had not been created before, especially in Fiji. Every other photographer at the time in Fiji, would shoot the typical girl in a dress on the beach with no concept behind the shoot.

I wanted to bring class, elegance and confidence, which is where the name Marama Dina came from, meaning True Lady.

The skirts were from a second hand shop here in Sydney. The tops were the scarf part of a salwaar kamise from my mum’s closet and the flower clips from her collection aswel. My mum had everything I needed for this shoot, thanks mum.

You really don’t have to spend much to create a beautiful image. With photo shoots, I think of how the concept will look like in the end. I will bring all these props and accessories for shoot and Ill take photos and add or minus things in a frame until I am happy with how everything looks, then I just capture the moment and guide the models with what to do etc.

Amber Wardell and Torika Watters, my beautiful models. The vibe between the two girls was amazing. I love working with girls who just know how to work their body, their angles and are comfortable in their own skin. These girls were great!

Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Tamron 17-55mm F2.8

Lighting: Natural

Location: Somewhere in Sabeto Creek, Nadi, Fiji Islands.





Vinaka 🙂