Prepare Yourself #20facts

1. I was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Fiji. I am half Swiss, half Indian. My dad is from Rafz, Switzerland and my mum is from Suva, Fiji.

2. I moved to Sydney when I was 17, straight after I finished high school. I had no choice, my mother shipped me to Australia, so I could have a better future. I am forever grateful for her making that decision for me.

3. No one knows my middle name and I will never tell 🙂

4. I have my degree 3 degrees.

5. I hate flying but I am well traveled, I have been to: Switzerland, Germany, Hawaii, China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunshan, Sanya), India, Taiwan (Kaohsiung, Taipei), St Martins Island in the Caribbean, America, Japan, New Zealand, Dubai, United Kingdom (London & Wales), Hong Kong, Canada and that’s all I can think of right now…

6. I am the only child.

7. I have had the worst case of Eczema all throughout primary school and the beginning of high school.

8. I get my passion for photography from my papa. He introduced me to photography at a very young age, always having a camera around the house taking photos of everything and anything. Back in 2009 while visiting him in China, I picked up his camera and went exploring, my love for photography began there.

9. As much as I love wearing makeup, I love not wearing makeup.

12. I am single.

13. My favorite dessert is Churro’s. So if you wanna be my best friend just buy me Churros.

14. I use to be a vegetarian.

15. I live by myself.

16. I am obsessed with being creative on all different platforms. I just started a YouTube channel aswel. So please go LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A COMMENT.

17. I am very focused on my future and I want to be successful.

18. I have had more than 10 dogs in my life. And I have adopted a few dogs here and there, and claimed a couple of my neighbours cats too lol.

19. My worth is found in Christ.

20. I love life in every way. I wake up in the morning and I am so happy to see that ray of sunshine peeking through my window. My days aren’t always perfect but this is how they always begin.